Medication Packing

It can be Hard or Confusing Taking five or more medications.

You may sometimes miss or find it hard to remember what time of day to take your medicines.

It can be complex as your doctor changes your medication regularly.

Let us Help you 

 We can work with you and your doctor so your medicines are in a easy to use weekly pack.. This will make you relax as you know you are taking the right medication at the right time of the day.


Drop by or call us. 


Blood Pressure Testing

Life can be busy as it is Important to have your blood pressure checked.

            The risk factors

  • Diabetes
  • Taking medicine for blood pressure or Cholesterol
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • Suffer from Low or High Blood Pressure
  • poor diet (particularly a high salt intake)
  • obesity
  • insufficient physical activity.

High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—is a major risk factor for chronic diseases including stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure and chronic kidney disease. High blood pressure is also a cardiovascular disease in its own right.

It Can be controlled with lifestyle measures and medication to reduce the risk of chronic disease.  The risk of high blood pressure increases as you age.

Our Pharmacist will give you professional advice. We are here to help you as you can ask us for a blood pressure check anytime instore.



Free Medscheck

Ask Us how we Can Help you 

Taking Medication can be Confusing and sometimes you may forget to take your medicines.   Sometimes you may have trouble taking them or you feel unwell.

Have a one on one consultation with our pharmacist in our private counselling room.

Suitable for customers that take 5 or more regualr medications.

In 30 minutes 

  • Learn more about your medicines
  • Improve the use and storage of your medicines
  • Identify any problems with your medicines
  • Reduce your risk of an avoidable hospital.

Please call for your private booking.


Presciptions on File


All your Prescriptions are kept in one spot.

Never lose a Script Again

Never Forget to Fill a Script

Let us look after your Scripts and Save Time by calling us first and no need to WAIT around.

Ask Us 

Expert Advice

Ask our Pharmacist about your Medicines or minor Ailments.

Whether it's for some basic advice, an over the counter product or a referral to your doctor. We can give you the right advice with our professional team.

Drop by and Speak to our Pharmacist.